Hey who are you?

Well, my name is Tim Costa and I have been taking online surveys since 2007.

I was looking for a part time gig that I could do on the side while going to college. Like most people, I had already started migrating everything else online so why not this?

As I searched I found tons of ways to make money online. There were things like writing articles and make a little cash, taking photos for stockphoto and uploading them for money, adsence millions and a bunch of ways to make money. Other Ways To Make Money

I had a few hurdles at the time. Things like not knowing a thing about adsence, I didn’t own a camera, and I already was writing so much for my classes I didn’t want to do that.

Finally I found market research. Paid Surveys, Product Tests and Focus Groups. I figured what the hey. I’ll give it a shot. It only takes a few minutes to take a survey, say what I think or write. Or get 50 bucks for 2 hr focus group. I didn’t need alot of money just more.

Later I built this site and stated telling others about this opportunity. Why? cause that pays too. I am a firm believer of Multiple Streams of Income you can try Affiliate Marketing. This was the road I took. :}

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